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thj-2201 is nothing but a synthetic cannabinoid analogue of AM-2201. THJ-2201 is known to work as a potent agonist for the peripheral CB2 and central CB1 receptors and the Ki values are of 2.6nM and 1.0nM respectively. In case of THJ-2201, the indazole group basically replaces the entire indole group. As far as the research chemical industry is concerned, THJ-2201 is known to fill a gap in the current cannabinoid scene. THJ-2201 is only allowed to be used as a research chemical only. So you cannot consume it under any circumstances, however, can buy the same for forensic or chemical analysis purposes.



THJ-2201 online

The formal name of buy thj-2201 online is 1-[5-fluoropentyl)-1H-indazol-3-yl] (naphthalene-1-yl) methanone. On the other hand, the molecular formula of the same is C23H21FN2O. Please remember that AM-2201 is no longer available for research purposes in various parts of the world now. As a result, being an indazole analogue of AM-2201, THJ-2201 has found huge importance among chemical researchers. This research chemical is usually available in off white, high purity powder form. buy thj-2201 online is usually sold as a crystalline solid and the molecular mass of the same is set at 360.4 g/mol. Its effects on living beings are yet to be known properly though.

THJ-2201 is known to be a strong engineered cannabinoid. The precise name of THJ-2201 is [1-(5-Fluoropentyl)- 1H-indol-3-yl](1-naphthyl)methanone. The synthetic recipe is C24H22FNO with a normal mass of 359.436005 Da and a Monoisotopic mass of 359.168549 Da. In its ≥98% immaculateness crystalline strong structure the exploration compound will stay stable for a long time whenever put away at – 20°C.

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