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Furanyl Fentanyl Powder. An opioid analgesic is a fentanyl analog and mostly available as a research chemical for use in a lab. Furanyl Fentanyl has an ED50 value of 0.2mg per kg. The product is 99.9% pure and supplied in small packages listed below from 10g



Buy Furanylfentanyl Online

Before you Buy furanylfentanyl powder online, it is best if you know what it is. Furanylfentanyl (Fu-F) or N-phenyl-N-[1-(2-phenylethyl)-4-piperidinyl]-2-furancarboxamide, monohydrochloride is a fentanyl analog opioid analgesic marketed as a designer drug. It has a 0.02 mg/kg ED50 value in mice. This makes it about a fifth as potent as fentanyl. If you want to Buy 3-furanyl fentanyl online, we are providing furanylfentanyl for sale. Furanylfentanyl from china falls together along with others such as OxyContin, Vicodin, Percocet, and oxycodone in a class of medicines called opioids. These opiates operate by producing Morphine like impacts on opioid receptors. It is used for forensic and research applications.Buy Furanyl Fentanyl Online


  • Relaxes the Central Nervous System.
  • Furanylfentanyl from china can act as a monitor for abuse if measured in blood or urine.
  • It can confirm a diagnosis of poisoning.
  • Helps in the medicolegal death investigation.
  • Works as an excellent sedative.

SIDE EFFECTS OFBuy Furanyl Fentanyl Online

If you are looking to Buy furanylfentanyl powder online know that it can have the following side effects on people:

  • Itching
  • Nausea
  • Potentially dangerous Respiratory depression

Buy Furanyl Fentanyl Online USA IN AVAILABLE FORMS

Buy 3-furanyl fentanyl online in three different forms. It can be used as an outstanding white to faint white powder. Consumers can readily smoke or inject it because of its excellent shape.

It can also be dissolved to form a solution in water. In this form, with the intention of taking it nasally, consumers can position the Furanylfentanyl in a nasal spray.

A combination of heroin is another type of Furanylfentanyl powder. This type is extremely addictive because of the nature of the mixture. Users use it to smoke and inject.


Furanylfentanyl is not for human or veterinary use or any dangerous purposes.

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