What is abuse of heroin?

Abuse of heroin happens when the use of the drug is already done to the point of causing damage to all aspects of life and relationships. Furthermore, heroin abuse can wreak havoc to your health and can result to untimely death.

People abuse heroin because it is addictive. Heroin users are addicted to the drug, and their days are preoccupied in procuring it to satisfy their craving.

A person abusing heroin may exhibit these signs and symptoms:

  • Neglecting responsibilities at work, school or home due to use of heroin.
  • Using heroin while doing crucial tasks such as driving or operating heavy machinery.
  • Participating in unsafe activities like needle sharing while using heroin.
  • Repeated legal offences related or linked to use of heroin.
  • Fights and distraught relationships on family members due to heroin use.

How will heroin abuse affect your life?

Heroin abuse is due to addiction to the drug. Because you are preoccupied in acquiring and using heroin, and getting more of it as tolerance builds up, you forget or neglect responsibilities at home, school or at work. You also prioritize heroin over your family and friends, resulting to strain on relationships.

The most prominent risk of heroin abuse is the possibility of death. Heroin effectively depresses the life-support centers of the brain that controls breathing, heart rate and blood pressure. Heroin users may suddenly die from cardiac arrest, paralysis of breathing muscles or shock. Dangerous practices on heroin abuse like needle sharing makes you at risk of acquiring chronic and untreatable diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis B infection.

Furthermore, heroin users are at risk of being victims of violence from drug dealers and being involved in deadly accidents like car crashes. A heroin user who is so addicted to the drug may turn to crime just to support the habit and end up being involved in legal or criminal matters. Lastly, heroin abuse can morbidly affect your health and possibly end your life.

Where to find help for heroin abuse?

If you or a loved one has a problem with heroin, there are many sources of help. Medical professionals diagnose and treat heroin problems, and can help you during recovery and heroin addiction treatment. Sources of help for heroin abuse include:

1. Heroin addiction treatment centers – These facilities have the equipment, specialists and the knowledge to help you safely detox from heroin, and the to offer the required treatment and management of heroin addiction so you can regain sobriety and live opiate-free.

. Pharmacist – This kind of health professional can help you fill prescriptions on medicines used for heroin addiction and management of heroin withdrawal symptoms.

3. Poison control center – Call 1-800-222-222 to get first-aid or reach medical help for dealing with symptoms of heroin abuse.

4. Prescribing physician – Doctors can distinguish signs and symptoms of heroin abuse, addiction and overdose. General practitioners are also familiar in treatment of heroin addiction or can refer you to specialty centers in your area.

5. Psychiatrists – These doctors specialize in mental health and can be useful in the management of psychiatric symptoms caused by using heroin.

6. Psychologists – These health professionals can offer therapy and helpful advice to people struggling with substance abuse, heroin addiction and/or withdrawal.

7. Social worker – Social workers can play an important role in the management of heroin addiction. They are responsible for ensuring the welfare of the heroin addict and most importantly the family members, and make sure that each personal involved get needed medical and social help .

8. Specialists – Doctors that are Certified Addiction Specialists (CAS) specialize in the treatment and management of patients with long-lasting or recurrent heroin dependenc